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No more going to
middle east while job  at your door step

Stand up with stand up company


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Stand Up Company

Stand Up Company

 Stand Up Company is a well established company, committed in assisting and helping  fortune
and less fortunate men and women who are below 40 years to get  jobs . Over many years, young men and women have been traveling to other countries looking for  green pastures, leaving behind jobs at their home land, where they can  work well  in a good  working conditions as well as in a conducive atmosphere, without risks of  being turned to slaves
To bring a balance to job seekers and employers
we have employers who are looking for employee and a lot of young people  looking for jobs.
We  assist  the individuals and companies to have the experts and experienced personnel who are fitting to the right field of their work.
These  jobs are ; drivers, secretaries ,  house maid , house boy , gate men and Shamba Boys.
We for long time seen jobs like this are not worth doing and  as if they  aren't jobs but  take for  instance if you get a shamba boy OR a house girl job at state house?????  Is that not a well paid job?. In our list of  employers , we got willing  people who  are ready to pay  well, some in major towns and also in our local villages .

Standup company has hundreds of  job seekers  who are ready to hear from you, we lets you choose from the list of  workers that we have  already interviewed,
approved and recommended. Know well that its every ones wish to get a secure and  well paid job , a job that will cater for all
of their needs and wants and also the wish of every employer to get an employee who is of sound mind, well being, self disciplined  and responsible at work.

Employed became employer,  ARE YOU THE ONE?
Yeah, being at work , you and your  spouse, working for 8  hours a day, you  find that you are left with a very minimal  time to  do  home choirs ,and other jobs like running a business,  or little tasks like    
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A HELPER;           dropping and picking children from school etc .      
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A WORKERS ?        For things to run smoothly then you should  
o   DRIVERS                                                    consider becoming an employer to fill up the gap.               
o   HOUSE GIRLS                                                and that's why we are here standing by you  to
o   HOUSE BOYS                                             to help you continue achieving your goals at work  
o   SHAMBA BOYS                                ,education or in business etc.              

STILL LOOKING FOR A JOB OR WORKERS? .  Please stop and let us do it for you. all you  need is to call us or like and inbox us at our facebook page and you will be attended as soon as possible . Our help desk number is on the left side column of this page. Don't hesitate to call us now and book .

N/B : ONLY serious people allowed to call or to inbox us at our facebook page
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