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Why you MUST make a tax return this year

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1. As long as you hold a KRA PIN Number, it is mandatory for you to submit at return. It doesn't matter whether you have zero income at all, not employed, or.
Have been confined to a bed for all of 2017. click to file your return now It is a requirement.
Even for those who are abroad and say goodbye to Kenya, if you ever plan to return, your lack of filing returns will be papo hapo waiting for you.
2. KRA allows for a NIL return, i.e. download the form and enter your details (pin, year of return 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017) and then skip over to the last tab and click 'Validate'. It will generate a zero/Nil return. Then log in online and simply upload the zip file it generates.Click to file your return now

3. . The fine is now Ksh 20,000 for not filing a return (whether or not you earned any income). Yes, if your watchie, or housie or shamba boy, or car wash guy, or mama mboga has a valid KRA Pin, failure to file a return (even a nil return) will incur them a fine.
Thats right. And if they ignore this for 5 years, and decide to run as an MCA because your whole estate just adores them, they will come face to face with a fine of over 100k plus unbelievable interest.
I'm convinced that many people consider tax returns 'kazi ya watu wako na job...or biashara', click to file your return now but I listened to radio as a chat with me
KRA official reminded Kenyans that 'AS LONG AS you have a KRA PIN Number', you are obligated to file a return. So please, do not forget or skip filing your returns this year, even if its NIL. And let the person next to you know that as well.
Click to file your return now