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KRA RETURN For you to file KRA Return , you have to log in to KRA Online Portal using the correct credentials , these are simple and important details you must have about pin; Your KRA Pin Number, KRA Portal Password to log you in ,
Email Address together with the password.
These are some of things that most of the people hardly ever remember either by ignorance or by taking it as less important.
As the technology keeps on advancing day by day, companies and institutions are
adapting technology as it advances in a competitive basis so as to be relevant in the market. Just like we used to send mails through postal adress in an envelop, today it looks so odd and as outdated method of mailing, e-mail address has replaced that .
E-mail address has many uses, one of it being securing online accounts e.g online banking etc.
For KRA online portal user ones have to have an active and accessible email address and a password, this is used in
resetting the KRA password to have your login details emailed to you in such cases you forgot your login credentials. KRA RETURN
If you have no access to this the only option is to update your KRA pin address details which are not possible at the end user's .
This is where Columbus online comes in , we make it done at ease where not necessarily you waste your money, energy and time traveling long distances just to seek for assistance that we can offer while you at home , your office or on your way to work .
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