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Welcome to the Funniest Whatsapp Jokes by Columbus Cyber

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Ile siku nitaona mwanamke anavuta mkokoteni bila shati 🙏 Ndo ntajua #What_a_man_ can_do_a_woman_can_do_better😂😂😂😂😂 Nimeanza kupenda ujinga

Mountain ViewAn old man wrote a will to his two sons,
After my death demolish this house, you will find a metal case down the foundation where you shall find all my saving to support the rest of your life."
They started praying to God! Oh lord father our Dad is too old, please take him to your kingdom. Two years later he died and was buried immediately. The following day the house was demolished, they found a case with peace of paper written! Now that you have destroyed what used to be mine. if you are real men,construct your own House'

Mountain ViewGirlfriend
Your girlfriend wants u 2 meet her family, when u got there...The elder sister is ur ex girlfriend .The younger brother is the boy you were fighting with over a girl .Her dad is the doctor who advice u to stop coming with girls for abortion. And finally the mother is the sugar mommy who just bought u a ferrari sport car.Wat will u do? send dis to 10boys nd listen to their funny comments don't spoil the fun

Mountain View Don't just fear any haters, some are just helping you to get to another level.
A thief stole a television set from a house, as he ran out. A mad man who was a resident in that house gave the thief a hot chase. The more the thief ran,the more the mad man increased his pace.... The thief could not run any more and at a point he gave up and sat under a tree. The mad man caught up with him and sat next to him panting for breathe. After a while, the thief broke the silence. Thief: Why are you chasing me? Mad man: You forgot the remote control.

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Funny thing about Kikuyu
Kikuyus will put warus in everything, even names.....Warutere, Waruingi, Warui.......................ongezea

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Ushawahi enda kwa hoteli kunywa chai na chapo na uko na 20, kidogo ukianza kunywa unaona 20 ingine chini unaikanyaga unaagiza tena chai na chapo ukimaliza ukienda kulipa kumbe ile 20 uliokota ni yako ilikuwa imeanguka 😂😂😂😂 utajua witchcraft is real

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JUGDE: Old woman tell the court what exactly happened. OLD WOMAN: I was sleeping in my house when I heard the door of my house being broken, then that guy standing on the altar entered inside(old woman points to the guy standing on the altar) JUDGE: Continue Old woman,the court is attentive. OLD WOMAN: He then undressed me started to fondle me and he climbed me. JUDGE: Enhee... OLD WOMAN: He could move to the right as I moved to the left, him left then me right. I gave it to him in full dose en he was about to munch my bum. I can just assure you i gave it to him and he wondered! He thought I'm an amateur and I really showed him experience. JUDGE: Duh!...... so what brought you here to court!!?. OLD WOMAN: He should only replace the door that he broke and he should come every night as usual not like a thief....! COURT: (burst into laughter)
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