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Welcome to the Funniest Whatsapp Jokes by Columbus Cyber

Marriage counseling and mathematics.

Again this is for men.
If you have Kshs. 2000 in the house and
your wife has Kshs. 48,000, the sum total of money
in that house is TWO THOUSAND SHILLINGS.
Do not bring war that we have fifty thousand shillings.
No. The correct position is that WE have two thousand shillings.
And you will live happily ever after till Kingdom come.
48000(wife) + 2000(husband) = 2000 (both).
That is the only math women know. And understand.
Remember all women came from the same school.
Do not cry ang'e here that l didn't tell you.
Obey this math or perish. Let money not put asunder what God has made one.

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