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Welcome to the Funniest Whatsapp Jokes by Columbus Cyber

The trouble with virgin men....
Njoroge gets married, and on his wedding night calls his father to get some tips on what to do since he had never been with a woman before.

"So what do I do first?" His father:
"Take her clothes off and lay her on the bed" 5 minutes later Njoroge is on the phone again.
"She's naked and in bed what do I do now?" His father can't believe what he is hearing,
"Take your damn clothes off and get into bed with her."
After another 5 minutes Njoroge is on the phone again.
"Dad, I'm naked and in bed with her, what do I do now?"
His father's patience is now running out so he says,
"stupid son, do I have to spell everything out to you?
Just put the hardest thing on your body where she pees. Good night !!!!"
Just when his father starts snoring, his son is on the phone again.
"OK Dad, I have my head in the toilet bowl what do I do now?
" "Drown yourself, you bloody idiot!""
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Mimi natoka apa Kiambu
Mimi natoka apa Kiambu........ Mountain View
mwalimu wetu akaniuliza.
how do you call a mosquito in your language?? Nikamwambia we dont call them,
they come by themselves akaniambia sitaenda mbali nkashindwa nmekosea wapi,
sai niko Naivasha.
Nataka nifike Eldoret nimpigie simu nimwambie niko mbali sana
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Wife goes for a DNA test Mountain View
The wife starts to think their kid looks kinda strange so she decides to do a DNA test. She finds out that the kid is actually from completely different parents.
Wife: Honey, I have something very serious to tell you
Husband: What’s up?
Wife: According to DNA test results, this is not our kid
Husband: Well you dont’t remember, do you??
When we were leaving the hospital,
we noticed that our baby had pooped.
Then you said: - Please go change the baby,
I’ll wait for you here. So I went inside,
got a clean one and left the dirty one there

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