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Welcome to the Funniest Whatsapp Jokes by Columbus Cyber

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Jamani nilikosea dunia wapi
Nilenda hotelini na girlfriend
wangu wa ocha tukiwa tunasubiri
waiter, nkamuliza "baby unatumia whatsapp?
girlfriend akatabasamu akajibu '"yeah lakini isiwe baridi'"
Jamani nilikosea dunia wapi
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Ekene is a house boy who drinks the wine of his boss and adds water 2 cover up.
His boss was suspicious and decided to buy pasties ( A french wine that change colour if u add water just like dettol)
Unknowingly Ekene drank from d pasties and top it with water as usual.
Sadly 4 him, immediately the pasties changes colour. When the boss came back and notice it, he told his wife abt it.
Ekene knew he was in trouble and decided to stay at the kitchen.
The boss shouted "Ekene!!!"
Ekene answered.."Yes Sir!"
Boss.. "who drank the pasties?"
Ekene: No ans
The boss ask again, still Ekene didn't answer. Then the boss went to the kitchen to meet him.
Boss:.."Are u insane or Wat? When i called u, u said yes sir,,, but when I ask u a question, u didn't ans me?
Ekene: "hmmm oga, when u are in the kitchen u dont hear anything except ur name."*
Boss:.." let's try it. Okay go to the bar stand beside madam, while i will stay in the kitchen."
Ekene at the bar with his madam and his boss in the kitchen.
Ekene shouted: "Boss!!!"
Boss: "Yes!"
Ekene: "Who goes into the maid's bedroom when madam is not around?"
Boss:... No answer
Ekene ask again, still d boss kept quiet.
The boss came out from the kitchen shouting.. "Wonders shall never end!!!
Ekene it is true. when one is in the kitchen, one does not hear anything except one's name".
The wife interrupted, "that's not true.
It's a lie".
Without argument Ekene ask if she will enter the kitchen to be tested and she agreed.
Ekene: "Madam!!!"
Ekene: .."Who is junior's biological father? Me or boss?"
Madam rushed out of the kitchen saying ...
"This kitchen needs to b checked, I can't hear anything" ....
Anybody willing to go to the kitchen?

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