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  • How can I get a KRA Pin
  • KRA Pin can be obtained at KRA I-tax Portal or through our Online Cyber Cafe Services .
    The process takes a minimum of 10 minutes.
    To generate a KRA Pin certificate Contact us here
  • I lost my KRA pin, can I apply for a NEW One?
  • KRA Pin is registered using an ID card , where one ID card details cannot register more than one KRA Pin.
    A KRA pin can be retrived through contacting KRA customer service, visiting KRA Offices or through our Online Cyber Cafe Services.
    Contact us here
  • Do you offer KRA Return Services ?
  • YES,
    See the services we offer HERE
  • We offer Rental and TOT return services where we make it efficient of you to comply with KRA requirements. You just need to contract us and we will be filing it for you on a monthly basis.
    1. Monthly reminder when done filing it.
    2. We make sure you dont get penalised for being non compliant.
    3. We save your time and money since everything is done on our online services.
    To know more Contact us


  • SMART CARD - What do I need to apply?
  • You just need your phone , ID Card serial Number and KRA Pin for new TIMS account user.
    If your DL details are correctly showing on your TIMS account, the user can proceed on applying for a smart card which is currently charged Kshs.3050/=
    Once the application is done, the official online computer generated receipt is issued and the photo capture location and date is set.
    From this step you are required to avail at NTA offices with your old DL and payment receipt issued at cyber cafe.
    The smart DL process or production period normally varies on the work load at NTSA offices , where it takes three weeks for smart DL to be out.
    We offer this service at a fee of Kshs.200/= totalling Kshs.3,300/= inclusive carrier charges.
    For inquiry Contact us HERE
  • MOTOR Vehicle/Cycle TRANSFER Requirements and Cost
  • The motor vehicle/cycle transfer can be done at Cyber Cafe or at NTSA Offices.
    The requirements are Tims account and a Logbook.
    To be prepared for a transfer means the two parties " transferor and transferee" have an access to their TIMS accounts.
    The transfer fee varies with the load capacity of the vehicle
  • BOOKING MOTOR Vehicle Inspection
  • Currently, the charges at NTSA TIMS Portal for inspection is 1050/=.
    The process is done from the owner's TIMS account and the payment is made through the Government Ecitizen Business Number 206206,
    where the account is a One Time Acount and is generated by the payment system.(C2B)
    Once the payment is made, the receipt is generated and now you are ready to book inspection Date/time of your Choice.
    GOOD TO NOTE : You may escape paying advance tax during inspection but the government records never forget. Make sure you pay advance Tax every year (for luggage and Passenger-carrying vehicles (PSV).) For advance TAX it varries with your vehicle load capacity.
  • Do you offer LICENSE RENEWAL Services
  • YES.   But Currently you can only renew for a one year period. For three years they have deactivated that link.
    The fee is Kshs.650/= for one year which is a government charges and Kshs. 200/= for service fee at our columbus Cyber Murungaru. RENEW NOW


  • Helb Loan Aplication

  • HELB application
    HELB Loan or Higher Education Loan Board is a body that lend loans to students in Colleges and University. For diploma and certificates you should apply for Tivet loan and for medical students they have their loan called Afya Elimu Fund Loans.
    To apply for HELB loan, you need to have with you the following ;
            o ID Card
            o KRA Pin
            o Bank Account
            o Parents ID Card/KRA pin if both alive
            o In case of one parent alive prepare death certificate
            o ID Cards for two guarantors
    Now ready to apply for HELB? It is advisable to have someone to assist you in this since the helb is a loan given and it requires some accuracy . A lot of students miss the loan due to small mistakes .
    Columbus cyber has an online cyber café services that you can take advantage of and we will advise and assist you in applying . just use our contact form or whatsapp link for assistance.
    When done with application , print 2 filled copies for further processing and attach these documents ,
            o Pass Port Size Photo,
            o KRA Pin Certificate ,
            o KCSE Results,
            o Admission Letter,
            o ID Card if any,
            o Parents and Guarantors ID Copy ,
    Have the printed forms signed by;
            o Applicant
            oApplicant parent guardian
            oTwo guarantors
            oPriest or Kadhi
            oAdvocate signature and stamp
            o Bank if you decide to drop it at HELB Offices
    Drop points are currently ; HELB offices or huduma center Contact us here
  • Course Revision
  • Travel Passport
  • Before you begin your application process, there is a need to have these documents with you ;

    1. Applicant ID Card
    2. Applicant Birth Certificate
    3. Applicant KRA pin
    4. Applicant passport
    5. Parents ID Cards
    6. 2 Close family members ID’s Cards
    7. 1 none family member - recommender ID and email

    Documents listed above will be scanned and attached during the online application, then the filled application form will be printed, signed by the applicant and recommender, thereafter it will be scanned and attached for online submission, then payment is done where charges vary with the category applied for.

     If an online application is complete, it’s time to do manual or paperwork by submitting the necessary documents to the offices of immigration.  (see the documents listed below)

    At immigration offices, the applicant must appear in person for digital photo capture, where the applicant is issued with a receipt showing a tracking number that will be used when the passport is out.

    Tracking and requesting your copy of your passport, you need to visit this website  then insert your tracking number and search, a page will open asking you to fill in a small form there. All you need is to choose the nearest postal office of your choice for your passport delivery.

    The delivery is charged according to the distance and location of your desirable post office.   

    During the submission you need the following:

    1. Applicants MUST appear in person for digital photo capture.
    2. An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three invoices.
    3. Original birth certificate and photocopy.
    4. Original National ID Card & copy.
    5. Three Current passport size photos.
    6. Recommenders ID card copy.
    7. Old passport for replacement plus copies of last three pages.
    8. Parents National ID cards copies of Death Certificate if deceased.
    9. For the Lost case, a Sworn affidavit and a police abstract are required
    10. For Lost cases and Mutilated cases, an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the loss or mutilation
    11. Consent letter from Parent or Guardian

    Passport fees


    Fee (Kshs)

    32 Pages Ordinary "A" Series

    Kshs, 4,550

    48 pages Ordinary "B" Series

    Kshs, 6,050

    64 Pages Ordinary "C" Series

    Kshs, 7,550

    Diplomatic passport (48 page)

    Kshs 7,550

    Mutilated Passport

    Kshs 10,050

    Lost Passport

    Kshs 12,050


  • American Div Greencard
  • CRB Certificate
  • EACC clearance
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Limited Company/ Busness registration
  • colucustomr



    Cell /Codes/Email



    0724-513 690


    KPLC POSTPAID  Pay Bill No. or Business No.

    888 888 


    KPLC   PREPAID Business No. OR  Pay Bill No.

    888 880


    KPLC Bill Request

    Type *551#   Then ok

    And Follow instruction


    KPLC Self Meter Reading - Monthly Bills

    Type *977#   Then ok

    And Follow instruction



    Checking Your Account Status
    Compose a new SMS
    Type the letters "ID", a space, then your
    ID number e.g ID 12345678 Send to 21101

    Charges for this service is Kshs 10 only




    Change outpatient  facility

    Type *155# and follow instructions

    Type *155# Then Ok



    Mpesa Go to M-pesa Menu >Lipa na M-PESA > PayBill.

    1. Select the Pay Bill option
    2. Enter Business No……..  Type in 200222
    3. Enter A/C No (ID Card No.)
    4. Enter amount
    5. Enter Mpesa pin
    6. Confirm all details are correct then press OK
    You will receive a confirmation SMS from Mpesa immediately

    Business No. 200222



    1. Mpesa Go to M-pesa Menu >Lipa na M-PESA > Pay Bill.
    2. BUSINESS NUMBER: 572 572
    3. ACCOUNT NUMBER For account no. as per e-slip.
    4. AMOUNT Enter the exact amount as per the e-slip.
    5. PIN Enter your M-pesa PIN.
    6. PAYMENT DETAILS Review payment details and selects OK to confirm your M-payment.


    Business No. 572 572


    TSC AON Minet via Mobile USSD code

    Registering for AON Minet through phone


    USSD Code *865#



    Register for a new NSSF Number using your phone Using your phone; Dial this code and follow instructions


    USSD Code *303#