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Every KRA PIN holder whether employed or unemployed is entitled for annual KRA returns (Income Tax Individual).
This is according to Kenya Revenue Authority act that requires every KRA Pin holder to prepare and file His/Her Individual Annual Returns.
    If you Have no Income (Unemployed or Student)? , Just file Nil Returns to avoid kshs.2000/= penalty for being a non-filer.
    For employees, get a copy of your 2020 P9 Form from your
    employer or through the online portal, the same you download your
    monthly payslip. non-compliant is penalized kshs.2000/=


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Use this TILL No. to make Payment for our Services


How to Pay for our Services Using Lipa Na M-Pesa Till Number 744 728

>> Go to Lipa na M-Pesa
>> Select Buy Goods and Services
>> Enter Till Number: 745508
>> Enter the amount: Kshs. 150
>> Enter your M-PESA PIN and confirm the details
>> OK and wait for MPESA confirmation message

You will get an SMS notification from M-PESA upon successful payment of Kshs. 150 to Columbus Online Cyber- Murungaru



Also, We offer Rental and TOT return services where we make it efficient of you to comply withKRA requirements.
You just need to contract us and we will be filing it for you on a monthly basis.


1. Monthly reminder when done filing your returns.
2. We make sure you dont get penalised for being non compliant.
3. We save you time and money since everything is done on our online services.

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